Zinek Software Electronics Engineering Limited

Zinek is an engineering company focused various areas on computer based simulation development, avionic system development, mission planning and support software development. Company provides technologies and products on military/civilian simulation projects, virtual/augmented reality projects and visual applications. In addition to that, company serves software engineering, system engineering and test engineering services to various Turkish and European defense contractors additional to it’s products and technologies.

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System Engineering Services

Zinek provides system engineering services for various civil/defense projects. One of our company’s field of expertise is providing our clients with insight and guidance for system design/architecture on Mission Critical (Up to Safety Level A) components and providing system & system integration tests for design verification processes.

 Previously provided system engineering services were compliant to standards such as MIL-STD-1553B, DO-178B, MIL-STD-499B.


  • Requirement Engineering
  • Subsystem Design and Specification
  • Program Change Management -System
  • Test Procedure Development
  • System Requirement Test Location/Methodology and Criteria Analysis
  • System Integration and System Testing
  • System Configuration Management
  • Laboratory Conformity & Management
  • Defect Life Cycle Management


  •  ASELSAN-TUHP(Sikorsky S-70) Avionics System Integration Test
  • ASELSAN-ÖZGÜN(TAI T-625) Avionics System Integration Test
  • ASELSAN-TAI HÜRKUŞ Avionics System Integration Test
  • ASELSAN-ATAK Avionics System Integration Test
  • ASELSAN-Radio Integration/Flight Tests for Various Platform
  • ASELSAN-IFF Integration/Flight Test for Various Platform

Training Simulators

Since it’s founding, Zinek has developed and provided many technologies and products focused on visual training simulators like Image Generators, Serious Game Engines and Middleware Libraries.

Zinek flagship product Zinek Engine is a full featured simulator engine that can visualize and simulate massive environment with latest computer graphics and multi-threading technologies and techniques. Zinek Engine is used on various civil and military simulation projects including land vehicle simulators, air vehicle simulators and combat simulators.


  • AIRBUS/HENSOLDT (Germany) – Licensing and customization of ZinekIG image generator for High Speed Train training simulator projects.
  • SIEMENS (Germany) – Velaro High Speed Train Training Simulator Visual System (Image Generator)
  • SIMULTECH (P.R.C.) – European Railway Traffic Management System (ERTMS) Simulator
  • HAVELSAN – Tactical Virtual Reality Combat Training Technical Demo (Image Generator)
  • HAVELSAN- Artillery Forward Observer Simulator Visual System Modernization (Image Generator)


Software Engineering Services

Zinek provides computer engineering and software development services for various civil/defense projects. Our company is focused on Computer Graphics, Geographic Information Systems, Real-time Software Development, Embedded Software Development, DO-178B Avionic Software Development, Training Simulators, Emulators/Simulator/Tool Development  and etc.



  • Requirement Engineering
  • Software Design
  • Software Development
  • Software Testing and Test Tool Development
  • Software Project Management
  • Software Life Cycle Management
  • Release and Build Environment Management


Mission Planning and Support Software

  • STM-Mission Planning Software for JHM(Sikorsky S-70) Helicopter
  • STM-Mission Planning Software for ATAK(TAI T129) Helicopter
  • STM-Mission Planning Software for TAI ANKA BlockA UAV
  • STM-Mission Planning Software for TAI ANKA BlockB UAV
  • AYESAŞ-Mission Planning Software for TAI ANKA-S UAV
  • AYESAŞ-Mission Planning Software for TUHP(Sikorsky S-70) Helicopter

Digital Moving Map

  • AYESAŞ-Digital Moving Map Software for TUHP(Sikorsky S-70) Helicopter
  • AYESAŞ-Digital Moving Map Software for TAI HÜRKUŞ aircraft

Power Network Management

  • TEIAŞ-Gas Power Plant Event Logger System Software
  • TEIAS-Remote Control Hi-Power Relay Unit Software
  • TEIAŞ-Instantaneous Power Load Control Device Software

Document Control System

  • IFF (Germany) – Nabucco Pipeline Document Control Registry System